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 “... it seems that the sandstorms of the Australian outback have left a permanent mark on Chris Kenna's vocal cords. The result is a beautiful, rough, dark and soulful voice, ably counterbalanced by Melissa Cox's violin. The combination of the two was captivating.”

—The Next Gig (Dutch music magazine)


...the amazing Kenna and Cox (he with the voice and soul to raise the dead and she with the melody to make them glad to be alive...).

—musician Matt Tonks

His deep, gravelly voice is perfect for his lavish blend of blues-folk-country. He told stories, punctuated by the occasional other-worldly roar, of Australian cowboys, gangsters, love and death.



“... the performance is astounding.”



Kenna & Cox is a collaboration between two Australian musicians living in Paris: Chris Kenna and Melissa Cox. As a soloist, Kenna has opened for the likes of Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Tommy Emmanuel; while Cox is a sought-after violinist, performing alongside Elliott Murphy, Inga Liljeström, and others. Together, Kenna and Cox perform regularly at festivals around Europe.